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ight played strange tricks with it,● shadowing it grotesquely—still, even l●ooked at closely, it was nothing to boast of. H●e stood contemplating it grimly with its tortu■red mouth and haunted eyes—and then■ suddenly the air was full of vio■lets. He turned slowly, a strange peace hold■ing his tired heart. She had come to him; no■thing else would ever matter again. 216■ She was standing in the doorway, a li■ttle cloud of palest gray. It wa●s the first time that he had seen her in l■ight colours, and she had done something■ to her hair—caught it up with a great spark●ling comb—it shone like pal

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e fire. H●er arms were quite full of vi■olets—the largest ones that he had ever seen, l■ike purple pansies. He stood drinking her ■in with his tired eyes, not even looking for■ words. It was she who spoke. “■Bridget told me that you were h■ere. I thought that you were not● coming to-night.” He shook his h■ead, with a torn and lamentable sm■ile. “You said—until I rea●lized my madness. Believe me—believe me, I● have realized it, Lilah.” She came● slowly into the room, but the nearer she came■ to him the farther she seemed a●way, secure in her ethereal loveli●ness, her velvet eyes

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turned● to ice. “You have realized it, I ●am afraid, too late. There are sti●ll two tables of bridge upstairs; I have ■only a few minutes to give you. Was th●ere anything that you wished to say” ■He shook his head dumbly, and she sank into ■the great chair, stifling a small■ yawn perfunctorily. “Oh, I’m deathly tir■ed. It’s been a hideous eveni■ng, from beginning to end. Come, amuse me, goo●d tragedian, make me laugh just once, and I21■7 may forgive you. I may forgive you, even tho■ugh you do not desire it.” Again that fl■eeting smile, exquisite and terri■ble. But O’Hara was on